Situated in a former monastery, the Vrouwenschool (‘Women’s School’) is a unique living- and workspace originating from a women-only (F/X) squat in an old school in 1979. Since 1984 the group has moved to the beautiful historical building and garden.
The old chapel in the building is now used for meetings, parties, exhibitions, and as a sleeping area during the famous 4Days Marches in July. This year we are opening our chapel for participants of the Eurogames ’22. 

You will be sleeping in our chapel, where there’s room for max 8 bunk beds, so max. 16 people to sleep. In the room next door we are setting up a breakfast room with some space to chill. There is a fridge for breakfast and some room left for your own item. We will make sure there’s breakfast for everyone, you can make your own coffee and tea the rest of the day. 

For chilling you can also use our lovely garden, for which you only have to go down a flight of stairs.  

Are you interested in spending your nights with us? 

Send us an email at 

Bookings are only possible for 4 nights in a row, costing 225 euros in total. Your reservation is valid only after we receive your payment. 

Let’s meet this summer!